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This icon is strangely, wrongly appropriate

I swear, sometimes it feels like I'm writing headlines in an alternate universe much cooler than our own:

"Quake lake growing despite military action"

Yes, soldiers are in fact attacking a lake. With anti-tank weapons.

frameacloud suggests via IM that "All it needs is to have a face on it like in your icon. And make aggravated Godzilla noises when they attack it."

Well, sure. But why stop there?

Clearly, this entire phenomenon is a campy monster movie come to life. Humans play god with nature; nature rises up in force; humans try ineffectually to stop the now-invincible threat; most of an Asian country gets leveled as lots of people run around screaming.

And then, giant robots. And theme songs.

Randa banunradan Tounjukanraa!*

* I am so going to hell for this.**
** The whole post, I mean. What with the joking about natural disasters and all. Although when I get there, the devil's probably going to cite that one line as the deciding factor.
Tags: wordplay

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