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Time slips by; (and) Ask me to write!

October 1 already? Oy. Another blob down.

It's a little morbid, but the sentiment behind the link is also a good kick in the pants. My life is not infinite, and if I procrastinate on the things I want to accomplish, they may not get done at all.

So. Writing. Something I ostensibly want to do; time to kick-start it. After staring writers' block, other projects, distractions, and basic laziness in the face for seven goddamn months, I finally pushed through the last 2% of the 98%-done "CSI: Luvine" episode sitting around from February. I'll post it tonight after I leave the office.

Also: I'm going to publically commit to this year's NaNoWriMo. I actually have a story I'd like to write, about some kids in TTU sucked into a strange land where magic takes an ... oddly recognizable ... format. Another month to plan it -- and to figure out the most graceful way to put my social life on hold -- and then, hopefully, a novel!

And in the meantime, I'd like to give my muse some exercise. I'd like to ask you to ask me to write something.

Give me a sentence: an idea, a character (or several), a theme, a place*, a conversational topic, a what-if. I'll write a scene or story fragment that explores it. Unlike last time, I'll try to limit it to ~500 words so I don't stall out on ambitious ideas; speed is good, and quantity is the goal.

I'd love requests set in my shared world TTU with existing characters, but this is not necessary; shake me up with alt settings or genres if you want! TTU requests don't have to be canon; I'll field even absurdities or crossovers (though I warn you my pop-culture knowledgebase is very erratic). I'll even write about your characters .... um, if I know them, anyway, and please don't be offended by the results. ];=8)

Requests can span the ratings gamut from G to X. Responses to adult requests will be posted separately to keep this thread worksafe.

Thank you in advance. I need the challenge.

* Please try to keep requests to things not requiring deep research or specialized knowledge. The point is to get my creative muscles flexing, not to push me into OCD fact-checking. So, for instance: "A harbor" = good. "Bath Harbor Marina, in Bath, NC" = ungood.
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