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Quick question to the silent audience. Have you been enjoying my recent writing? Any feedback? I'm not doing it for the accolades*, but it's nice to hear it's leaving an impression.

* "So why are you doing it?" ... Well, it ain't for the money, and no really I don't write for the egoboo, though it's admittedly a positive factor. The act of creativity itself is the important thing. And sharing it. I could say it's for the practice -- it's like a muscle; you have to stretch it or it atrophies -- but that would only be a partial answer. Closer would be that I feel like writing is something that defines me. It's a way I can be not just another guy whose life is filled with work, friends and video games. Plus I seem to have a knack for distilling life into Story, and I might as well use the darn thing.
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