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Legend of Hero: 011-012

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the far side of November! It's been an interesting week -- though I have to admit it's mostly been sucked into the luxury of playing video games, which I went cold turkey* on in November in order to hit my NaNo deadline. Currently enjoying Sly Cooper 2, picked up from the Fry's $6 bargain bin. It's fun, if not particularly challenging -- and I'm beginning to really appreciate how the game actually builds a mood, style and story better than most adventure platformers I've played. My biggest complaint is that the character who Face Heel Turns becomes a self-caricature of frothing psychopathy, but if you ignore that, the story structure of the missions and the main characters' banter is solidly constructed and entertaining.

Speaking of stories! ttustories continues its Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule, even though I didn't post a link to Wednesday's episode here. What happens to Kevin and his friends after they step through the mysterious portal? I'm sure you'd love to find out, but first we cut to
The Wastes: Act I and get to know a lonely dragoness. The Wastes: Act II continues Riselmian's story, and answers the burning question: Is the webserial really turning into a piece of X-Files fanfiction?

(Answer: No. It's a video game homage, dammit. We're too classy for mere TV shows here.)

* Except for a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee with roaminrob. SSB is the video game equivalent of calories from Valentine's Day chocolate: it's such a small and harmless indulgence it doesn't count.
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