Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Legend of Hero: 013-014

I just spent 15 minutes embellishing a personal anecdote as a lead-in to the most recent ttustories posts ... only to realize that I've already told it. Sigh. Guess it says something about the thrilling excitement of my personal life recently that I'm starting to repeat tales of my social doings.

Fortunately, the muse makes up for what the grind lacks. Monday's Legend of Hero episode swings into the world beyond the portal, and Kevin and his friends' adventures are only starting. Hall of Heroes: Act I sets the scene, and they make a disturbing discovery in Act II that throws their entire trip into question.

If you've been waiting to read LoH for one reason or another, now's a good time to start, with the heroes taking their first steps into the Shadowlands. Of course, starting at the beginning will give you the best experience*.

* You might even level up! And admit it, couldn't you use the extra Hit Points?
Tags: legend of hero

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