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New year's, and Legend of Hero: 022-024

Happy New Year! It's been an eventful 2009 so far for me. I've spent a day hanging around at home writing; a day in the hospital*; a day roleplaying; a day hiking; and a day at work. (I like those proportions**, but I somehow doubt they're sustainable.)

kadyg and I recognized our third anniversary, but the celebration will have to wait for a week or two until we can book a room at the hot springs. I managed to get antibiotics and a tetanus booster and still walk out of the doctor's office less than $200 poorer. roaminrob and I helped kadyg take her first walk across a frozen lake.

The big news, however, is that my sister got married. Congratulations, Sarah!

Fun facts: This makes the number of days between our anniversaries the same as our difference in age. It's also twice the difference of how old we were when we each got married. And the span between our anniversaries is twice as long as the span between our parents' birthdays. Lastly, if you take the month and date of her anniversary date, 1 and 5, as the starting digits of an integer sequence (like the Fibonacci numbers with different starting values), the 6th term is equivalent to the number of days between our mother's birthday and her anniversary date.*** Thrills!

Anyway, before my math geekery makes my readers all run away screaming, SUBJECT CHANGE!

Legend of Hero continues its ambitious update schedule -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday -- and since last time I mentioned it here, we've seen Riselmian show off a special move (admit it, RPG fans, you were waiting for that, weren't you?), and the resolution of the Christmas cliffhanger. Today, the heroes return to Earth.

Can't tell the players without a scorecard, so there's also a characters page with reams of thrilling statistics and appropriately thematic pixel art. And we're winding down the second major arc this week -- good time to catch up before the heroes all start delving into their own quests!

* Getting antibiotics for a cat bite****. And if this feels like deja vu ... well, let's hope that history doesn't repeat itself. Starting in on the probiotics WAY earlier this time.
** Except for the "day in the hospital" thing. ]B=8(
*** Assuming you're counting days in a 0-based system. But hey, we're all programmers here, right?
**** This makes my new year's Mean Time Before Cat Bite Failure approximately 14 hours*****. I know my MTBCBF has been poor recently, but this is just ridiculous.
***** If people were hard drives, I would so totally be Western Digital.
Tags: american health care is a piece of shit, footnotes of awesome, legend of hero, misc life updates

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