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Legend of Hero: 028-029

But first,

Random Wikipedia Trivia Of The Day
  • Dried caper leaves are also used as a substitute for rennet [calf stomach byproducts. -b.] in the manufacturing of high quality cheese.

  • One of the reasons possession of a nunchaku is illegal in many jurisdictions is that it can easily be employed as a garrote in some configurations.

  • "Nine-fingered ballet" would be an awesome band name.
Take with the usual Wikipedia grain of salt, though IIRC all three are sourced.

Anyway, The Wastes: Act V reaches the climax of Peter's crisis of faith, and then we cut back to our heroes -- or at least one of them, with David: Act I offering a glimpse into his home life.

If you click on those links right now, it might look like they're backward, but that's because I posted them in reverse order (as the notes on the post explain). I'll fix that as soon as both posts reach the archives, and it shouldn't affect anything in the story aside from a small perturbation of narrative flow.

Also: I'm off to Further Confusion this weekend! Hope to see all of you who are attending.
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