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Legend of Hero: Filler Week - Baxil [bakh-HEEL'], n. My Sites [Tomorrowlands] [The TTU Wiki] [Photos]
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January 30th, 2009
01:22 am
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Legend of Hero: Filler Week
It's been one hell of a week. FurCon was transformative and I'm working on a longer post about it. Before and after the con, we had baphnedia as a house guest during his drive to his new digs in Oregon; kadyg and I spent most of the evening sleeping tonight to recuperate; and I'm about to get caught up in a giant whirlwind of a weekend with about four different cross-scheduled things exploding in my face at once.

Meanwhile, there's this little thing called my serial novel that I simply haven't been able to offer even enough mindspace to edit the next few sections that need to be posted. Discretion being the better part of valor, I'm calling a mulligan on it this week. If I'm lucky and/or persistent, I might get some time on Sunday night to catch my breath and get the story back on track.

That doesn't mean I haven't posted anything, though! Taking a cue from one of my experiences at con -- a rousing game of Baron Munchhausen with aprivatefox, mufi, krinndnz, cryptodragon and a few other people whose names I forget -- I handed a copy of the rules to Kevin, David and Trent and let them have at it. And today I finally managed to capitalize on two years' worth of good intentions and finally* posted roaminrob's TTU story "Noboarding," an examination of one way that magic might change extreme sports. I hope its prominence makes up a little for my irresponsibility.

As a reminder, TTU is always looking for a few good creators -- if something in Legend of Hero or the setting itself catches your creative fancy, write or draw or interpretive-dance away! I'm happy to field questions about the universe; post or repost anything you write (and I promise I won't take two years next time); and I'm slowly, patiently improving the wiki, little by little. So it goes.

Edited to add: The Baron Munchhausen gauntlet has been thrown. Join in the fun in comments!

* Next in queue: frameacloud drew some fantastic Keith Haring-style icons in TTU themes. That, and a few illustrations from the TTU sketchbook at previous cons, need to be added to the wiki for visual punch once I can sit down for a little while and focus on it enough to figure out how best to upload and link images.

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Date:January 30th, 2009 05:37 pm (UTC)
Is the empty <a href=""> tag on Baron Munchhausen deliberate?
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Date:January 30th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes, well, you see, I wasn't going to say anything because a nobleman must be modest, but in point of fact that empty <a href=""> tag was a coded message that just saved the whole British Empire from annihilation by Dr. Solitzhnikov's fleet of energy zeppelins. You see, I know that he controls his orbital lasers through a botnet that also scans the Internet for e-mail addresses to add to his telemarketing database (what can I say, the man is one of the great diabolical villains of our time), and via a complex sequence of calculations I discerned the botnet's next scan time, and inserted that code to confuse the data collectors, causing a drain on the evil genius' server processing power at exactly the time that my dashing assistant Peabody used my clockwork railgun to fire himself onto the bridge of the lead zeppelin (the H.M.S. "Stairway to Heaven," but that's neither here nor there). Peabody then flash-assembled my personal teleporter, using the energy of the zeppelins themselves to power the reception station, allowing me to join Peabody for the climactic showdown with Dr. S as his fleet thundered across the Bavarian lowlands toward the Isles. To make a long story short, my command of kitchen utensil archery saved both Peabody's life and our nation (fortunately I had forgotten to remove the ladle from my utility belt after the now-famous Adventure of the Speckled Souffle), we escaped the fleet's explosion via an inspired combination of salt water and sourdough bread, and after the private reception where Her Majesty expressed her most profound and sincere gratitude, I came home to remove all traces of my escapades from the Internet, only to discover to my eternal shame that nothing escapes the keen eyes of my fellow gentleman adventurers. Well spotted, sir!

I suppose I shall have to buy the next round while you explain to me how you're back from your negotiations at the Intergalactic Teabag Coalition meetings at Zeta Reticuli -- after all, you only left for the 42-light-year distant star 78 years ago!
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