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Legend of Hero: Filler Week

It's been one hell of a week. FurCon was transformative and I'm working on a longer post about it. Before and after the con, we had baphnedia as a house guest during his drive to his new digs in Oregon; kadyg and I spent most of the evening sleeping tonight to recuperate; and I'm about to get caught up in a giant whirlwind of a weekend with about four different cross-scheduled things exploding in my face at once.

Meanwhile, there's this little thing called my serial novel that I simply haven't been able to offer even enough mindspace to edit the next few sections that need to be posted. Discretion being the better part of valor, I'm calling a mulligan on it this week. If I'm lucky and/or persistent, I might get some time on Sunday night to catch my breath and get the story back on track.

That doesn't mean I haven't posted anything, though! Taking a cue from one of my experiences at con -- a rousing game of Baron Munchhausen with aprivatefox, mufi, krinndnz, cryptodragon and a few other people whose names I forget -- I handed a copy of the rules to Kevin, David and Trent and let them have at it. And today I finally managed to capitalize on two years' worth of good intentions and finally* posted roaminrob's TTU story "Noboarding," an examination of one way that magic might change extreme sports. I hope its prominence makes up a little for my irresponsibility.

As a reminder, TTU is always looking for a few good creators -- if something in Legend of Hero or the setting itself catches your creative fancy, write or draw or interpretive-dance away! I'm happy to field questions about the universe; post or repost anything you write (and I promise I won't take two years next time); and I'm slowly, patiently improving the wiki, little by little. So it goes.

Edited to add: The Baron Munchhausen gauntlet has been thrown. Join in the fun in comments!

* Next in queue: frameacloud drew some fantastic Keith Haring-style icons in TTU themes. That, and a few illustrations from the TTU sketchbook at previous cons, need to be added to the wiki for visual punch once I can sit down for a little while and focus on it enough to figure out how best to upload and link images.
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