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Notes from Imbolc

4+ hour ritual. Irish gods sure can get loquacious.

Wasn't nearly as epiphanic as last year's [friends-locked], but then, I've been pretty centered over the last 12 months -- a lot of my friends had really horrible 2008s, and in many ways I've been in the eye of the storm. Not a lot to talk to gods about when you're largely where you want to be. Also, I've recently been working through some epiphanies that are orthogonal to $deity. (That post is in progress and I simply need more writing time. :-()

Anyway, the downtime community time during the ritual as the folks channeling the gods saw everyone one by one did give me a chance to trance a bit: pleasant discovery to find that with merely a little prodding and the right setting, some of the phenomena experienced during my initiation are repeatable. Conscious control of the triggers is a good next goal.

Further thoughts:

* One large difference between gods and dragons is that, by and large, dragons don't have to deal with ordinary people.

* For a wanderer, telling stories is an act of community service. People settled in the community are the ones who best build it; wanderers are the ones who turn people's thoughts outward, generating hope and exploration and expansion.

When there are a lot of thoughts crowding my brain, I tend to lapse into a sort of shorthand where I get out all the important bits but not a lot of the context. I'm trying to work on that. I hope you guys will let me know if this turns oblique enough that reading it is neither entertaining nor educational.
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