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February 9th, 2009
12:51 am
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In visual creative news
While I'm on the subject of my creative output: It struck me a week or two back how much actual artwork I've produced that I've never really shared. (Shown to people who have met me in person, sure, but never actually posted anywhere.)

I got a deviantArt account a while back to view friends' pictures. I never intended to put anything there. But it seems like a good place to open up another facet of my creative life, and the gallery features are a little less scattershot than with my LJ photo collection, so what the heck.

Go check out my art gallery -- and "friend"/"watch"/whateverthehelltheycall it me if you want. I'm uploading pictures a few at a time as the mood strikes me, so there will be more art to see if you keep an eye out.

Today's pictures feature Savi, the ambiguously gay unicorn recognizable from one of my LJ icons and/or my terse, ineffable stories. There's also an old self-portrait that might give you a chuckle.

Post icon is also from a piece of old Baxil art: a scale model of my headmask I made to fit over a finger. The time is about right to get that made into an actual wearable mask, so we'll see what comes out of that as I have more money for enormous art commissions.

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