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Legend of Hero 038-041

I have no excuse. I admit it: I am a horrible author.

Not a bad writer, mind you*. But a bad author. An author's job is to get people to read his prose, and I've been quietly updating ttustories in a timely fashion for weeks now without saying anything about it.

So, briefly:

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act II - Joix and Hope explore a very different-looking Hall of Heroes.
Crissy: Act IV - Faced with a blatantly nonexistent phone number, Crissy calls it anyway.
Wandering Merchant Joix: Act III - Joix learns the basics of crystalsmithing.

And a special mention for The Wastes: Act VI - in which we meet my favorite characters of the story, two mages struggling to stay alive and ... um ... slightly less insane in the strange, desolate desert. If you haven't been reading LoH, then at least check this chapter out -- we'll be seeing more of Ron and Gavin as the story progresses (Gav's too fun not to use), and I'll let you know when they pop up again.

As a side note, we're currently about 15 chapters from the end of the material that was written in November. I expect to be done with the "novel", though definitely not the story itself, hopefully by summer sometime.

* Of course, you are free to disagree in comments if you don't like the kern of my ligatures.
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