Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Art update, and Legend of Hero: 042-045

I've bought a few lovely pieces of custom artwork lately. One's from jonart, who is taking commissions:

[Dancing unicorn]

... and a Baxil portrait by talakestreal, who last I checked is still taking bargain commissions as an opportunity to test out new watercolors:

Baxil and Redtail
$5 Watercolor Commission: Baxi
by ~talakestreal on deviantART

While I've been plugging along at my own creative endeavour, which takes the form of words. The latest from Legend of Hero:

Wandering Merchant Joix: Act IV - The culmination of the "Companions" arc weaves together the threads of Joix, Emile and our protagonists, and shows what happened to the Hall of Heroes.
The Sunlit World: Act III - As the school day draws to a close, Crissy uses her newfound knowledge to persuade Kevin to let her join their search.
The Sunlit World: Act IV - Kevin, Trent and Crissy argue about the reality of the Shadowlands on their way to Kevin's house ... then find something unexpected.
Machinations: Act V - Riselmian and Gavin meet, with amusing if predictable results.
Tags: legend of hero, multimedia

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