Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Legend of Hero delay, and 051-055

I'm taking a mental health day. Friends-locked post below describes why.

I'm fine, just would like a little time. Tonight's Legend of Hero post over at ttustories is being cancelled, but normal schedule will resume on Thursday. I'm not going to post any bonus content, but I'll try to get a post or two written for this journal if I feel up to it. I've had some interesting dreams.

Anyway, the kids just finished their second boss fight -- so it's a good night to browse through the archives and see what catches your eye. Considering that I haven't actually posted any updates here for the last five episodes (whoops), even those of you who follow the story regularly will have plenty of new reading available.

Take your pick: Ron and Riselmian! The singer and the Archon! Kevin and David! A new boss fight starts! The boss fight ends!

And now, off to dinner.
Tags: legend of hero

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