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Hi again! (and LOH: 056-058 ++)

The momentum of silence has gotten pretty overwhelming around here. The longer I go without saying something, the greater the urge to have that "comeback" post be the greatest thing ever, the Nobel Prize-winning, sliced-toast-beating collection of devastating witticisms that will cure cancer, poverty, starvation, cholera, and the Republican party.

Pretty clearly, that isn't happening. I mean, not even my writing can fix Sarah Palin.[*]

But anyway! I should at least say something and start trying to kick the silence habit. After all, I've kept myself pretty busy -- just not here. Witness:
  • Oh hey wasn't there this novel I was posting to the Web? Even though I haven't mentioned anything about it since ... um ... May?

    Then there was a month where I disappeared off the radar. I'm better now. And I came back with:

  • Change of Mind -- even if you've been giving the novel a pass, this short story (~7500 words) about a mage's experiences with telepathy-as-mental-health-tool should be worth your time. A tip o' the hat to dragonzuela, who challenged me with the original concept in my Writing Requests thread.

  • And

    Racing Stripes
    by ~baxil on deviantART
    -- a tongue-in-cheek self-portrait. Oh, and you knew I had an art gallery, right? The newest piece of art there is from around the time of John McCain's bar mitzvah[*], but it's the first time I've ever posted them so let's just call them "new" and be done with it.
There's much more to say, as ever and always; but for now i'll be content with re-breaking the ice.
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