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Meme llama approves

Tonight's piece of weekend frivolity: kinkyturtle gave me a W, so here's 10 things I like that start with W, plus a brief explanation for each one. If you respond to this message, I will give you a letter to do this -- in your own LJ, not in the comment section.

Meme mutation bonus: You are encouraged (but not required) to give your explanations in some form of constrained writing -- haiku; rhyming couplets; no words of two syllables; no use of the letter "e"; the first letter of each sentence has to spell MARBLECAKE; or just make some interesting rule up.

Writing -- What can I say? Language is exciting. Stories are powerful. I am a mere servant to my muse. I'm going to assume that by now you've all seen my fiction LJ and I have no need to plug it.

Worldbuilding -- I've been building up an urban-fantasy alternate Earth, piece by piece, for about ten years now. Above and beyond the dozens of short stories and multiple novels set there, I'm still slowly working on the setting's wiki and getting an overview of the whole thing in place. Why, did I just slip another W word in there? Yes, yes I did.

Wings -- I get vertigo on bridges and at the top of cliffs and buildings. It's not because I hate heights, it's because I'm at the mercy of gravity. My reflexive urge for flight doesn't mesh well with the knowledge that should I find myself in midair I'm only going to go in one direction.

Wolpertingers -- The Wolpertinger (Crisensus bavaricus) is a fictional animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. A horned rabbit similar to the American "jackalope", it is often also depicted with wings and fangs. Stuffed Wolpertingers, composed of parts of actual stuffed animals, are often displayed in inns or sold to aJ@K#$%RfgAFK#%n

[Graphical browser required to appreciate today's entry.]

-- We interrupt this post to bring you breaking news: The world's most irregularly updated webcomic has just updated. Confirmation has been obtained. We repeat: MAAD HAS UPDATED.

Authorities are urging the public to remain calm.

This brings "My Afternoon: A Dramatization"s mean lifetime frequency to 0.0025 updates/day (MTBU = 484 days). Experts at the Center for Male Bovine Excretory Statistics believe that this may signal a resurgence in MAAD activity, but caution that it is still too early to draw conclusions.
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