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On the way

By the time you read this, kadyg and I will be on a flight to Europe. Visiting Italy for two weeks for my sister's wedding, with a stopover in Amsterdam along the way.

We got everything packed and managed to leave on schedule with only a little sleep deprivation, so (modulo the usual airport ripoffs) it's been an uneventful start to the trip.

... I lie. A wildfire in our area forced a detour, we got pulled over by a cop, we left just late enough that the extra delays had me spazzing about the time all the way to the airport, and in general I am emotionally running on empty. Fortunately, we're boarding the aircraft now, so from here it's a chance to nap until Amsterdam.

I've been procrastinating on announcing the trip, but we should be able to update from on the road thanks to the miracle of our digital age. I'll also look forward to chatting with people in English and fight off homesickness a bit. Ironically this means I am probably going to be more online from overseas than from my own computer. :-p

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