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My favorite line out of today's ~4,000 words

> "...," I said eloquently.

The end is in sight! Three more days, a little over 7500 words to go, and I seem to have reached the end of the Doom Novella's actual plot arc, meaning that I might (gasp) actually get back to writing Something Else for the remaining duration of the NaNo, the same way that I was supposed to be doing all month.

On the other hand, my muse is helpfully supplying another entire novel's worth of material to continue the existing story where I'm leaving off. "What you didn't actually know," Muse says, dressed as the protagonist and cackling and rubbing his hands evilly, "is that what you've written was really only the prologue to the Actual Adventure. Are you doing anything important in December?"

And my Inner Author gets up, does a Macaulay-Culkin-in-Home-Alone face slap, and runs screaming out of the house.
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