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A winner is me

Limping over the finish line at 11:05 PM, 11/30, on the authorial equivalent of a ankle that's still a little twingy from having sprinted after stumbling on that bad footing a few corners back:

So, yeah. Sorry to gloat. I kinda need the release.

I'm glad I did the NaNo rebel thing this year, because a single 50k story would have killed me. Heavens know "The Time In Her Eye" (30k of my 50) nearly did. As it was, I had to leapfrog between two separate projects tonight to cram in those last 1500 words, and the muses are so le tired right now that I plan to avoid non-work computer time completely for about two days. I am toast. T-ō-s-t toast.

Congratulations to all my fellow NaNo finishers, and especially elynne and frameacloud, who were both hurtling into this at least partially to tackle creative blocks and have both admirably done so. Solidarity, sisters!
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