Baxil (baxil) wrote,

A little gamer Christmas present

Good morning, and happy heathen-based Winter ritual! I made you a present.

Those of you reading my series of Fireborn review posts may be curious to get a game going yourself. So here's something you can throw in to give your players some social intrigue in the mythic age! There are several "epochs" (mythic-age settings) during which supernatural creatures such as dragons are trying to manipulate the major human powers from behind the scenes while disguised as humans themselves. In particular, the Atlantean age has a more courtly feel to it, and this sort of labyrinthine and subtle social negotiation fits right in:

[Thumbnail image: click for full view]

Click the thumbnail for the full print-resolution image (PNG, ~250k), and print it right from your browser, or right-click and "Save Target Link"/"Save Link As..." to your computer. If I've done it right, which I'm not sure I have, this should be a print-ready PDF at standard 8.5x11" size.

Gamers not playing Fireborn will find it can be easily used in any courtly setting with slightly archaic language (anything from AD&D to Victorian-style urban fantasy), and even adapted with minor changes to modern games such as Vampire: The Masquerade. Strike all the references to "nonhuman" etiquette and it even makes a great set of challenge-responses for secret societies set in fully human games. It could be really cool for LARPs too (if you try it, let me know)!

Made with LovelyCharts, a nifty free online flowchart creator.

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