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Zeroes, zeroes, zeroes mean so much

The current playlist of the moment on my hyPod*:

"One More Mile," Muddy Waters
"10 Miles," Infernal
"100 Miles," Bad Company
"1,000 Miles," Vanessa Carlton
"10,000 Miles," Mary Chapin Carpenter [or Juno Reactor]
"100,000 Miles," Spearhead/Michael Franti
"Million Miles," Bob Dylan [or Fuel]
"10 Million Miles," Patty Griffin
"93 Million Miles," 30 Seconds To Mars

(Other notables: 8, 20, 25, 500)

See also.

* Term via momentrabbit, though I am really stretching its original usage: "a hyPo-thetical musical Device that plays songs that don't exist yet". (source) Here I'm speaking more in the sense of "my imaginary music player that has whatever arbitrary (albeit real) songs on it that I need to in order to make my current point."
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