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Link roundup

There's some corner of my brain that is permanently set aside for a mental equivalent of an iPod Shuffle. When I wake up in the morning, it gets a totally random song stuck in my head -- generally one in the back recesses of my music collection that I haven't heard for months, that's catchy but unrelated to what's going on in my life -- and I hum it to myself during the drive to the office and exorcise it by listening to it once I'm at my computer. Today's tune was some classic Don Henley, last heard (so says my non-mental iTunes) on January 5.

Work has been interesting recently because we're applying for the Google Fiber For Communities project, putting together not only an application but a big community rally/march/party under the 95959google banner. It's been getting attention. And there's Round 2 of the federal ARRA rural broadband grants, which we're spearheading as Nevada County Connected. In an area where half+ of our customers are limited to dial-up/satellite, anything that would build out our infrastructure is big. (I've got about 2 MBps DSL at home, and I like it. Uphill. Both ways. In the snow.)

Snow? ... Fuck it's cold. (Early contender for best comic of 2010. This is why I read Subnormality, right here.)

Speaking of cold places, Antarctica is bleeding.

... And it'll be a cold day in Hell when evangelists get Hell right.

Hell is infinite zombies! -- Wait, no, but the Left 4 Dead NES de-make does look awesome.

Of course, if you're well-read, you've heard that L'enfer, c'est les autres -- "Hell is other people." (Jean-Paul Sartre.) To that category we have to add: L'enfer, c'est les autres vers plats ("Hell is other flatworms"). Seriously! Look at how they mate! (Slightly NSFW)

Somewhere in there is a segue to the Dance of Zalongo, a Greek folk dance to commemorate the women and children of Souli who danced off of a cliff rather than be captured by the Ottoman troops who had conquered the town. (I don't think the segue involves flatworms.) The song itself gets pretty epic when a choir turns it up to 11 (YouTube link). Crank your speakers way up.

And while you're weeping at those poor kids who jumped off a cliff, spare a thought for the children of the Owl and the Pussycat, whose poem never got finished.
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