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Roughly: "The naming system unique to this group of interrelated things"

So how about a nice, refreshing break from the drama and emotion of the last week? Wordplay is good. Wordplay is always good.

Incoming context is a brainstorming session for server names, two of which have already been decided as "fluffy" and "cuddles."

baxil:   What is being honored by the fluffy/cuddles nomenclade?
krinndnz:   My quiet rebellion against the hypermasculinity of IT, especially my classmats.
... Classmates.
baxil:   "Classmats" is one of those typoes that really seems like it should have some meaning.
krinndnz:   Oui!
There was another one of those recently.
"Ether snuggles."
baxil:   Also, I think I may have just inadvertently coined a new word with nomenclade there. What do you call the sort of word formed by a phrase contraction, like "endearritating"?
krinndnz:   Portmanteau.
baxil:   Gracias.
krinndnz:   **nods** I like that one.
baxil:   Also I almost mistyped "contraction" as "acronym" before realizing that wasn't the word I needed, and also typo'ed it "acornym." Now I'm getting urges to portmanteau that with "eggcorn" somehow.
krinndnz:   Hmmmm. If you work that out, let me know.
baxil:   Anyway! (pulls himself away from the foreign-language portmanteaus on Wikipedia)

... Seriously, Wikipedia can be as bad as TVTropes sometimes.

On further reflection, I'm thinking an "eggcornym" -- which I appear to have just coined, since it doesn't Google to anything -- would be a word that, while originally (or allegedly) formed from the initial letters of a phrase, has been (erroneously) changed in such a way that it is more directly evocative of the original phrase.

A potential example would be the typo "rolf" for Rolling On the Floor Laughing; while the actual acronym is ROFL, "rolf" is not only a syllable shorter but also directly evokes "Rolling / Floor."

(Ooh! Or perhaps the popular "BCNU" for "Be Seeing You.")

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