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Deities & Downpours

It is snowing outside. SNOWING. So far, this year has given us April thunderstorms and May snow. Dear weather: WHAT THE HELL

... But let's not talk about the present; it's cold and miserable. Instead let's talk about the future and the past. Or at least TTU's future and past. For example, a budding archaeologist giving a museum tour in 2012 and talking about relics from the age of the dinosaurs.

YES! There's a new TTU story! Posted partially as an apology for my lengthy silence lo these last few weeks! Journal writer's block set in, and I found it increasingly difficult to break my silence with anything less than a bang. Hopefully with this out of the way I can start to work on recording the backlog of interesting things in my life.

For now: Dinosaur Gods!*

"Any more questions?" I asked. "No? Let's move on." I stretched a wing out in the direction of the next room. Behind the crowd, Jim made a smooth gesture with one hand, and the lights on the side of the doorway flickered from red to green.

"Remember," I said as we walked, "for the safety of these priceless treasures we do have a few simple rules. For this next piece in particular, I really need to emphasize: No touching. Holophotography is not permitted, either, but we do have high-quality holograms of our most popular exhibits at MATT's gift shop. Standard-spectrum flash photography is allowed, and you will definitely want your cameras out for this one."

I stepped with all four feet over the red velvet rope surrounding the statue and turned back toward the group, stretching my wings upward, being careful to hold them in line with my body. The comforting subsonic hum of the exhibit's force fields buzzed at the back of my skull. I sat, raised my forelegs to my chest, curled my tail in around my feet, and thrust my chest out, head raised proudly.

A chuckle swept through the crowd, and several of the tourists raised their cameras. I grinned, baring a muzzle full of sharp fangs. Posing to match the stone shape always got a reaction.

"This piece is one of the so-called Atacama Dragons," I said, holding my pose steady, "but the first thing you should know is that it isn't actually a dragon. At least, there's good archaeological evidence that it isn't."

( "It's something far more rare and special ... it's the oldest artifact of intelligent life on Earth." )

* Observant readers might notice that this is another writing requests thread down. Slow but steady!
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