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Left brain, right brain

A bit of doggerel from this morning's dream (please note it does not reflect real-life Bax's excellent academic record):
When I attended M__ school
I made a point of breaking rules.
On campus I was always seein'
Just how much trouble I could be in.
I got as far as groping breasts
Before my first of five arrests.
There was also some sort of weird adventure going on before that, where I parachuted deep into rural Montana's ranch country and was trying to find my way out to civilization so I could bicycle home. Complicating factors did not, surprisingly, include the landowner whose horse pen I landed in (she was quite cool about the whole thing). There were a few crashed UFOs around, though, one of which had ejected some debris onto her property that looked like a giant rhomboidal chainsaw blade.

Recently, I've had a more broadening social life than usual. Partially, this is due to the fragmentation of the Fireborn campaign (one of our players moved out of the area recently, and there has been a little simmering RL drama since; there are some signs that we've reached resolution on that, but the campaign is definitely still in an awkward transitional phase). We haven't roleplayed for the last three weeks -- instead, we've all gotten together for random socialization and/or field trips, including a few fun outings to a billiards bar in Roseville.

I've been putting some renewed effort into the TTU wiki as well (spurred in part by inquiries from a new author). It's borne some tasty fruit: I've clarified the magic system rules; added transgendered theris to the Theri Types list (does that entry look OK to those of you more in the know than I?); answered some questions on later eras; etc.

I've also spent some time noodling over how TTU would work as a tabletop RPG -- if you'd like to help shape the system, take a look at (currently public, but will be locked down later so I can develop it into something potentially publishable), and bounce some ideas off of me.
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