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Memorial Day weekend plans

Just so y'all know, kadyg and I are not going to be spending all weekend at BayCon like usual. We usually staff the con with the newsletter Jackal Pack, but for various reasons (some involving internal con drama that doesn't need to be spread) we're taking a year off. We expect to at least visit the con and say hi to friends, though; and possibly say hi to our other Silicon Valley buddies while in the area (and/or swing by Fanime and say hi to our local friends who are making the pilgrimage).

Speaking of pilgrimages, in early August I'll be going to Washington state with roaminrob & co., to tackle the Wonderland Trail and try to circumnavigate Mount Rainier. I confirmed the vacation days with the boss - along with a few extra days to visit friends! Yay! Once the hike dates firm up, I'll know what dates are available for visiting people. Seattle and Portland are definitely on the itinerary; anyone out there who would like to cash in some Baxil Points* on a genuine Baxil Visit? :)

* Regular readers of this journal should have sufficient Baxil Point baxstock to not need to worry about conversion rates. However, crash space should be noted as a huge point multiplier bonus.

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