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Wonderland update, Day 5

Unfortunately, it seems that my hiking companions are done with the trip. This is due to a few factors. One, the aforementioned knee injury is - while minor in the grand scheme of things - enough to make further backcountry hiking not a smart idea for the injured party. Also, the weather at Rainier took a turn for the worse, and some financial complications rolled in. As such, I drove them up to Seattle, where they have been planning their early return home. I'm there myself today.

I will be returning to the trail hopefully tomorrow - it may not be the Wonderland itself, due to the greater logistical challenges of a solo hike (especially one that can't do the whole loop at once), but with ~4 hiking days left I'd like to see what else I can see. The Skyline Trail in particular is said to be outstanding and is only about a 7-mile loop.


So we were at dinner at a Thai food place next to our hotel. One of the Yelp reviews warned that they don't mess around with their spices. I ordered a dish spiced two stars (out of five).

I got about four bites in before the sweats started.

I managed to pack away half the plate (which is how we all did - they had some huge servings). Rob took two sample bites and declared it vicious.

It was pretty tasty curry. It also had the fringe benefit of providing entertainment. For me, because it brought on endorphin hallucinations; and for my friends, because they got to watch my face go red and my eyes water. It must have been pretty entertaining for the waiter, too, because he brought me free ice cream after dinner. Which prompted the following Powerthirst riff:

"SPICE cream."
"You'll eat so many peppers! Four hundred peppers!"
"and Mother Nature will say to your crap, 'sloooooooow dooooown' and you'll be like F*CK YOU as you run to the toilet!"

That's all for now - trying to plan next week's social time a little, while I still have internet access.

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