Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Back home safe

I've safely returned from the Pacific Northwest*, and I'm too jet car-lagged to do the trip justice. In my infinite wisdom, I told my boss I'd be back to work Monday. So I crammed in as much trip as possible right up to the last minute, and got to spend a long day driving with little recovery time afterward.

Much gratitude to all of you who made my trip so awesome. (You know who you are. Names will be named.)

As a teaser for the photo goodness to come -- for those of you who haven't already seen it via lupagreenwolf, here's my epic shot of her admiring Mount Hood (from our joint Mount Chinidere hike):

So ... much ... vista

I wasn't even expecting to do that hike when I left for the Pacific Northwest, and it produced one of the best photos of the trip. :)

* There's a story here, too. (Nothing happened on the drive home; that's the story.) Many thanks to all those who assisted me, with special gratitude to amberite and teaotter for going beyond the call of duty.
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