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Dear universe,

Okay, I admit it, you got me.

I know you were saving this one up, waiting for a day when you knew my brain would explode because I'm running on less than two hours of sleep. Last night's frantic editing on the bastard love child of Sorceror, Universalis, and Wraith* must have been the perfect opportunity.

(And pulling me into your joke by driving me crazy with an esoteric ligature kerning bug, whose fix was posted less than two weeks ago? That's some epic planning, dude. My hat's off.)

Still, I feel that I have to comment on your practical joke technique.

It was already enough of a shock for me to discover that Opera is running on my machine. I don't remember ever installing it; in fact, I was under the impression it was still paid software, which dates my last Opera exposure to approximately the Stone Age.

But to have Opera open because it is my default BitTorrent client, and to watch it cheerfully hum along on my NeoOffice upgrade? Too much, man! Just ... too much.

In totally unrelated news, I don't suppose you'd mind bringing back summer? For a bit? Maybe just a few days? Or, y'know, until December?**



* I'm a little floored to discover, via conversation with playtesters and some post-Game Chef forum browsing, that several aspects of my game have uncanny similarities to the latter two - including the terminology. This is purely convergent evolution at work. I've never read either of them.

On the other hand, this does give me the ability to call my game a "bastard love child," so I guess there's that.

** EDITED TO ADD: Bonus comic in comments!
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