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My Minecrafts, let me show you them

Hey, ladies.  Look at your video game.  Now back to Minecraft.  Now back at your video game.  Now back to Minecraft.

Sadly, your video game isn't Minecraft, but if it stopped trying to attract noobs with eye candy and switched to creative sandboxing, it could have garden spas* just like Minecraft.

Look down.

Back up.

Where are you?  You're on a lighthouse** with the dragon your character could look like. 

What's by your life bar?

Now back at me.  I have it.  It's a chicken.  This game has them.

Look again. That chicken is now the moon.

Anything is possible when you're playing Minecraft instead of trying to pwn noobs.

I'm in a cave.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Old And Spicy™ brand Spotted Mushrooms

Proudly served at Camp Beta Hot Springs and Mining Colony

(Home of the Dangerous Looking But Perfectly Safe Lava Bridge)

Also served at: the Lighthouse Art Gallery

... So, are you getting ready for my Minecraft code contest? ]B=8)

* Observant readers may notice Bax is shown here as a Draco in Leather Pants.

** In the background at left is Camp Clayspit and the Ocean Cavern Bridge. Directly behind Bax is the portal to Hell that I inexplicably decided to construct atop my tower.  Under his feet is the diving board that leads to the garden spa.

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