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FC Update: Friday Night

I would not exactly say I have had an auspicious start to the con.

Thursday I dealt with some crises at home (including some USPS shipping problems with the Baxil mask, and the death of two of our clown loaches), mostly thanks to kadyg, who has been eight sorts of awesome. I arrived at the con at about 1 am and crashed hard.

Today feels like it has been a day of missed potential. The mask finally arrived - back at home. kadyg graciously drove for four hours to get it here, and is now at 11 sorts of awesome and counting. At which point we discovered that it got damaged in shipping. It's cosmetic damage, fortunately; the mask is still wearable, but there's a big ugly crack in the side. I'm going to have to file an insurance claim with the post office next week, and then ship it back to Aubriana for repairs (it should be noted that she has been a real professional about all these problems).

So I had to spend an hour or two of prime con time in the evening dealing with that. There was also a lot of down time in midafternoon, in the lull between "I've said hi to all the Thursday arrivals" and "all the Friday arrivals are starting to show up". I got in some nice socialization in the meantime, and played some epic* games of Dominion with krinndnz, Crypto, and Jummi to round out the evening, but so far I haven't eaten any meals at con with more than one other person for company, I haven't hit any panels or big gatherings, and I'm just emotionally exhausted enough from pre-con bullshit that I'm feeling doubt about the whole thing creeping in.

I expect it to pass. I'll get to do some costuming tomorrow (after emergency repairs on the mask); I'm assembling the annual Baron Munchhausen game around 8 pm; and unless awesome social circumstances stop me, I'll go ground out the remaining negativity with some high-intensity stomping on the dance floor.

But right now ... augh. I just want to call a mulligan on the weekend so far. I've been surrounded by enough cool people to enjoy myself enough to keep from falling apart, but under my own steam, I'd be kind of a mess.

* "You used it as an adjective. Put 25 cents in the epic swear jar." -Jummi
"Oh. ... uh ... was that my outside voice?" -me
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