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Happy Pi Day! I marked 3/14 1:59:26 by texting a few fellow geeks. My boss was also amused.

I'm actually happier about Daylight Savings Time kicking back in, because this means that there is sunlight after work again, and I have a chance of leaving the office before sunset and actually catching some sunlight on a daily basis. Of course, Mother Nature loves her some delicious irony, so both today and yesterday have been dreary and gray. Boo.


My life continues to be interesting on a ropelaying* front, with not much else to say outside of it. I got to playtest Deathbird Black - fun was had by all, and it gave me some great ideas for streamlining the game (I keep procrastinating on version 1.3 and need to get it written). Also had a really epic game of Dogs In The Vineyard this week, in which I murdered the first PC of my 20-year GM career. And I've been getting props (two weeks in a row, actually) for some gaming microfiction I've posted at Reddit to win their weekly RPG idea competition.


LJ metastuff:

Livejournal's current spam issues are frustrating - I've actually been getting an average of a spam comment per day, which prompted me to tighten up my comment security settings - but I'm actually more disappointed to see their recent news posts. There is apparently a new gaming area with exciting new features such as a Farmville clone (gasp!).

I haven't been keeping up with my friends list for personal reasons -- most of that is my Minecraft addiction, which too shall pass -- but I can't say that they're giving me a lot of incentive to come back. I'm getting the sinking feeling that LJ is entering its death throes. It can't compete with blogs as a serious writing platform (it never really has), and it can't compete with Facebook as a social hub, but its new solution to this is to double down on Facebooking and somehow out-Facebook Facebook. (If that's what I wanted, I'd go get a Facebook account.)

I think I'm going to be doing a major reading list purge in the future and refocusing my LJ use as an RSS reader to keep up on the people I care about. For my own writing, Dreamwidth possibly, but, meh, I'm also moving out of the journaling phase of my life; there's not a whole lot to say about my day-to-day now that I've settled into comfortable married adulthood, and the things that *do* interest me are focused enough that I might be better served making a proper blog back at Tomorrowlands. If I do, I'll make an RSS feed for it here and let y'all know. Thoughts?

* That was supposed to be "roleplaying". I was typing a little too fast, and honest to gods that's how it came out. It's too cool a Spoonerism to correct.
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