Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Tlands update

A quick note FYI -

It looks like Inaki has traced Tlands' recent outages (including the RP board) to an unrelated site on the same server, getting hammered with an unusual level of traffic that's pushing Apache into resource usage past usability.

Tomorrowlands was down a couple of times today because he had to manually take down Apache. But Inaki will be working on the issue this weekend, and shuffling around some hosted sites to improve everyone's accessibility.

This appears to have involved a server move for Tlands. It looks like the move has temporarily broken scripting support, including the forum. :(

I'm helping Kady out with a wedding she's catering tomorrow, and I have family visiting, so I will be unable to immediately address this. If anything is down on Tlands, that's why. I will work on it Saturday night or Sunday.

UPDATE: Should be fixed; see comments.
Tags: tlands, transcendent masculinity

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