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Oh yeah! I have a Livejournal!

And I keep forgetting to update it, too! But I'm overdue for an update on:

[Ponies and Pegasi]

OUR STORY SO FAR: Back in June, a mysterious figure hacked into the server (!!) in order to join the new My Little Pony roleplaying forum -- using the character of Equestrian goddess Princess Luna. We played cat-and-mouse for a little while, but matters finally came to a head.

Fortunately, everyone agreed to play nice, and nobody got scared off, and Luna's been posting ever since.

MEANWHILE, IN FILLYDELPHIA: Everyone returned from the forest, and confronted Harmony about her loopy behavior due to lack of sleep. An earlier cryptic comment of hers was turned into an excuse for a party, which the others began quickly planning while Frocket forced Harmony to go catch some rest. Gigi Gearheart returned to her shop, got a little encouragement, and discovered that an old rival was planning on coming to town.

At the "Faith Hammer Party", the group of teenaged gossipmongers stirred up trouble while Gemini Star, Moonglow River, and Frocket made some startling discoveries in the Temple's basement. But before they could confront Harmony about them, every available pony was called off to Town Square for an emergency: a mobile stage driven by some overly enthusiastic sea ponies was about to take out the town's oldest landmark! Thanks to quick thinking -- and the efforts of literally every available pony -- Flare Star was able to keep the stage held back long enough for Frocket to slow it with his unicorn magic so Gigi's ramp could catch and divert it.

As the errant stage was wheeled to the Temple to provide the workers with music, Flare and Harmony talked about a letter that Harmony had earlier mismailed. A private missive to Princess Luna had been sent to a city work group, so what did Luna receive in its place? The town would soon know the answer, as the celestial teleported into the temple, causing one of the gossip gang members to faint from fright (not for the last time). The princess settled into the work crews while awaiting Harmony's return, but was quickly surprised by a chance meeting with Gemini Star -- who had previously worked as a Nightmare.

In the most recent threads, Gemini dragged Moonglow into a private meeting with Luna after catching Moonglow in the act of stealing a spellbook of potential interest to the princess. But the meeting exploded into a cascade of revelations and expectation-breakers, until Moonglow made an earnest offer to help Luna with her investigations -- an offer the princess could not write off as either suspicious or obligatory. The act of somepony volunteering to help her shocked Luna into a realization that hit hard: Changing into Nightmare Moon upon her return might not have been necessary.

She fled the room and tried to react in private, only to have basically everypony walk in on her at once and realize something was wrong.

And, last night, Luna posted an amazing barnscorcher of a post explaining her reaction, and answering some questions about the nature of Nightmare Moon that dated back to her arrival. My jaw's still on the floor.

* ALSO! *

After way the heck too long, I'm starting the character generation process! (Remember how, once upon a time, the entire point of the forum was to play a 4th Edition D&D game?) The number of D&D players will be limited, because I can't GM for more than 5-6 people and maintain any semblance of pace, but new players for the non-formal RP (i.e., everything you've already read about up there in Fillydelphia) are welcome at any time. Just drop on by, register a character, and leap into the most recent forum thread (or create one of your own)!
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