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Announcement: P&P launch 10/31!

[Ponies and Pegasi]

Hello, everypony! I've got great news:


The official soft launch for the D&D MLP game is:

(That's MONDAY, OCT. 31 for those of you a little behind on season 2. :))

== What does this mean? ==

The same great roleplaying we've seen so far will continue, but now we're adding dice and turning the situation up to 11: there's a missing spellbook to find; a dungeon to explore; and a celestial in deep trouble! (... Whoops, was that my outside voice?)

Virtual dice will be slung as our heroes try to evade the traps and defeat the monsters of the reawakened underground complex below Fillydelphia. Meanwhile, open-ended roleplaying will continue in the freeform board -- there are plenty of other issues to be resolved up on the surface. (In particular, the visiting Princess Luna might need some help going incognito and discovering what life is like for regular ponies ...)

== What's a "soft launch"? ==

That means that the D&D game will be officially under way by that date. Game is starting off simple -- with a Skill Challenge, and fully assembling the party -- so it's OK if you don't have your character finished by then. However, if you'd like to join in, please at least start the character generation process by that date, so we can work you in with the least hassle.

Freeform RP is already ongoing! Jump in, or back in, at any time.

== How many players in game? ==

The dungeon-crawling portion of the roleplay is limited to SIX ACTIVE PLAYERS, one character each. Right now, we have four, so speak up soon if you're interested.

The freeform portion of the roleplay (the "Fillydelphia" board) has no player/character limits. Come in, introduce yourself, bring a friend!

== But I've fallen way behind on the game! ==

Then this is your best chance to step in and start fresh! You are hereby officially FORGIVEN any absence, and absolved of any need to read the backlog. Guilt is not a pony virtue.

Here's all you need to know: Everyone's playing an OC (Original Character) pony, and the game is set in the eastern Equestria town of Fillydelphia. Right now, it's Friendsday night after dark; all the action's at the Celestial Temple (where a work party has been arranged to clean up damage from a swarm of taurmites); and some crazy rumors are spreading that Princess Luna herself showed up at the work party.

There have been plenty of shenanigans RP'ed already. Do you have to know about them? No -- you weren't there! Others can catch you up once your character shows up (arrives in town/finishes their chores at home/whatever). Have your character ask any questions you've got -- someone should cheerfully catch you up.

However, if you want the 50-cent version of the RP so far, I've written a good summary here in my livejournal.

== Awesome! How do I join you, again? ==

Sun and Moon's blessings,

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