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Heading to Baycon -- and something to read

A reminder to all of my friends and readers that I am -- this year as every year -- going to be spending Memorial Day Weekend in San Jose, Calif., working as a staffer for BayCon. This year, I have dragged elynne onto staff with me, so anyone who wants to catch up to me at the con can get two Tlanders for the price of one.

Drop me a line here if you want to arrange to meet me over the weekend -- or just look me up at the convention. Newsletters will be all over the hotel, and all of them list the newsletter staff room, which is going to be my base of operations.

In other news, in a last-minute pre-con burst of activity, I've transcribed the TTU culturalia essay titled "The Death of Teleportation." As the summary says: "After The Changes, magic was poised to turn society upside down. Then our dreams started dying one by one. 'What happened?' asks a Boston mage, focusing on arguably the most revolutionary magical advance possible." It's rich in world background. Go read it. No, really. Go read it.

For this piece, you entirely have my digital recorder to thank -- I haven't had the time to write or to edit anything of any substance, but I still drive for over an hour every day, and while driving I can certainly talk and think. So all I have to do when I come home is take my own dictation, make a few last-minute edits, and post that puppy. I like this arrangement.

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