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Dear random dragon with broken shift key:

> hi all my m8s have ditched me coz i told them wot i beleave is true so i
> found ur site and thought id mail u to see if i could have a m8 over the
> net that is like me :) email me back with wot u think i should do
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. But at the risk of giving unasked-for advice, please let me offer a few words.

Just because I'm also a dragon doesn't necessarily mean that I'm "like you." There's as much variety in the dragon community as outside it. The only way to tell if someone's going to really click with you is to get to know them as a friend -- find some common ground and build your relationship off of that.

I say this because I've talked to a lot of friends who aren't dragons and *not* had them leave or reject me because of what I believe. I know you're capable of that too, and would urge you not to give up on humans entirely just because "they don't understand." They can -- they do.

By all means, look for mates in the dragon community if you're so inclined; it's a great way to find people who you have something powerful in common with. But take that commonality and build something deeper from it. If you're looking for a mate, look for friends first, and then when you do find a mate, I think you'll find that your relationship with them will be much stronger for it.

I'm not interested in any (more) mates at this time, but I'm confident you can find others who are. Best wishes, and dream well.

That would be me doing my good deed for the day; or, at least, trying to make the world a better place, which doesn't map very exactly to the former, but is a workable substitute. It's either that or keep ignoring my inbox, I guess. Heaven knows whether what I say will even register -- this is someone who can't even bother to take the time to spell "mate" out, after all -- but it's better to make the effort than shut up and know for certain that there's another train wreck waiting down the track, right?

In other news, I spent the majority of the weekend asleep -- fourteen straight hours on Saturday night/Sunday day and a nearly equal time last night. I suspect I needed it. Friday was particularly brutal. I don't even remember right now whether I posted about it or not, but I should get to sleep instead of recapping.

I'm feeling better, having treated my body with a little more respect. Fighting off a sort of generalized melancholy, but at least took the time to beat two video games I'd been working on for a while, so the weekend wasn't a total write-off. And tomorrow it's back to the grind.

My birthday's in two weeks, and I say this only because the time is going to fly by and I'll be staring at a birthday weekend suddenly and I bet I won't even have made any plans for something fun to do. Maybe I'll just go out hiking again. Not sure the solitude would help, though.

UPDATE: A full eight minutes after sending my letter, I received a response stating in its entirety, "ty very much for ur advise : )" I have no idea how to feel about this.

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