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OK, enough with TEH CREEPY, thanks

So I sit at the computer, turn on the music, and start browsing my friends list.

The playlist picks up where it left off, at Rick Astley's "Everybody Needs a Woman." The first post at the top of the page is lysana's quiz result about significant others.

I scroll down the page, skimming a few entries, and reach elynne's entry where she waxes poetic on this week's "Oneword", just as the song ends. I click the link, start reading through the poem about a hunter shooting a deer, and Hammerfall's "Dragon Lies Bleeding" starts growling in my ears.

These things stereotypically come in threes. I'm going to STOP READING MY FRIENDS LIST NOW before an even spookier synchronicity has a chance to whack me in the nose.

(... Maybe this is a subtle clue to get up from the computer and go back to reading Isaac Bonewits' "Real Magic," which just arrived from this morning and which I was flipping through after dinner?)


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