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A BaMoTTuSto contest!

My NaNoWriMo substitute continues its breakneck pace. New stories have indeed been popping up at a steady rate of one a day -- you can see the full list in my journal archive if you need to catch up.

I would like to especially point out "Random Encounter," which just might be the Greatest Gaming Story Ever Told (although I'm certain all of the other geeks here will have their own contenders).

The currently posted story, "Right Here, Right Now," touches on an underexplored event in the days after the First Sighting -- the evening of riots which followed on its heels in Los Angeles. Including my first-ever Dennis Redwing media citation!

Tonight's story -- well, there is no tonight's story, because it's a Thursday and my schedule sucks. But thrames has graciously coordinated with me to bring y'all a guest contribution. Further Thursday assistance will be gratefully accepted.

I'm feeling adventurous for this weekend -- so I'm going to open up the floor to a spiffy contest! It's played like reverse Mad Libs -- you give me story elements, and I have to figure out a way to work them into a single story. Just go ahead and fill out the following questions. The five respondents that come closest to the random number I'll choose Saturday night will have one of their answers apiece written straight into TTU canon! (One way or another.) Just think of how difficult you can make my life this way! ];=8)

Poll #204655 The wacky weekend writing challenge!

First things first -- You have been reading my BaMoTTuSto stories, right?

Of course!

Give me a noun:

Give me a verb:

Give me a name (Western, Eastern, fantasy, or otherwise):

Give me a location:

Give me an arbitrary plot twist ("And, suddenly ...")

And, finally, pick an integer between 1 and 100 inclusive:

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