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This BaMoTTuSto thing is having weird effects on my emotions.

There was the initial exuberance, sure. There was the wall I hit where I just couldn't stand to type one more word and was pushing myself through just so I didn't break my streak -- if I remember correctly, that was right around Voice in the Wilderness, which is not exactly my finest work. There was the second wind. The mood swings of "must write story tonight. Oh, gods, this sucks. I'll do it anyway" and "this idea is SWEET!" which modulated, more or less at random, into "aaaaagggh, must find way to get to the end in fewer words so I can get to SLEEP" or "It's already 7 a.m.? Shit. At least I'm happy with the story."

But here's the creepy thing, really. For all that this has destroyed my social schedule, kept me from seeing movies I want to see and properly destressing by numbing myself with video games -- for all that this has kept me from getting a single uninterrupted eight-hour stretch of sleep since Nov. 1 -- I found myself, a few minutes ago, wanting to go home and write.

And it's a Thursday night. I have to go to bed IMMEDIATELY upon reaching the house and eating dinner. I have to be back at the office in nine hours minus commute time.

For all that I'm a creative genius with ideas spewing out of my head faster than I can even write them down (hey, and a modest one too!) ... that's a new and weird feeling for me.


Anyway. For those of you who haven't been reading my journal daily (this is my LJ; my journal is where the stories are being posted), here's the roundup of the latest:

Kata -- J.E. Dyer from Sensei Wolf returns, developing a therianthrope martial arts style and hitting an emotional low point.

Top of the world -- Two very different high-altitude enthusiasts meet by chance during a summer run through Yosemite. This story was written with a tip o' the hat to Rob, who will probably quite rightly point out that Half Dome is way the hell out of the way on a beeline between Mount Matterhorn and any of Yosemite's other 12,000-foot peaks. Or any two of Yosemite's 12s, for that matter.

Shelter (current story) -- *mumbles something about natural disasters and Redwing's post-Meeting proclamation and his inability to summarize the damn thing*

Read ye, and enjoy.
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