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Worksafe smut!

Tired of surfing pr0n sites from your desk at work and then being nailed by the net.cops? Thanks to the wonders of digital image manipulation, an artist has found a way to bring you completely worksafe pr0n!

In other news, I'm sorry the currently posted story has no ending. I fell asleep at my keyboard while writing it -- and after alynna woke me up by sharing an idea that was so profound his muse refused to let him rest until he could share it with someone, and after what I estimate was an hour of hallucinations and brief sleep blackouts as I pushed the words out one by agonized one, I cast about desperately for the first thing that looked even remotely like a stopping point so I could stumble to bed.

I have no idea what it was alynna told me. I just remember it sounding really awesome at the time.

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