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November 29th, 2003
11:50 pm
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Your poem of the day
By Russian poet Anna Ahkmatova, translated by blogger Sasha Volokh:

It's the night of the 21st. Monday.
The skyline stands out in the mist.
Some idiot figured out, one day,
That love on this earth can exist.

And through ignorance, boredom, frustration,
They believed him. And that's how it goes --
They make rendez-vous, fear separation,
And they sing of their joys and their woes.

But some others see through this delusion,
And a silence descends, soft and still;
I once happened to reach this conclusion,
And since then it's as if I've been ill.

The only thing I can add is that it seems to me this poem is as much about cynicism as love -- and on both counts, it's profound.

(No deeper meaning to me posting this. I've had it around for a while and am trying to get everything done all at once before packing for a weekend trip.)

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Afro Celt Sound System, "Even in my Dreams"
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Date:December 2nd, 2003 07:18 pm (UTC)
Ahkmatova is one of my favorite poets. I wish I felt confident enough with the language to really try translating some Russian poetry sometime.

Sasha's translation is wonderful. It might interest you who are interested in matters of life and death, the phrase "так и живут" -- "that's how it goes" -- the word "живут" is "life." So it has a connotation of living, too.

Sasha's a good person; it is really good somehow that this translation got put up here. I am glad people are reading it. I am glad I read it.
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Date:December 11th, 2003 02:09 am (UTC)
Sasha's a good person

... Now I'm curious. Do you actually know her? I just picked this up from the Volokh Conspiracy group-blog, where she occasionally posts.

I sense "small world"-ness.
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