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Congratulations to our lucky winners!

If you have just reached this journal trying to figure out "Who is this guy, and why has he just given me paid account time?", here's the scoop:

I had a coupon from all my old invite codes sitting around unused. (So did zaiah. Props to Zaiah!) One of the readers of my journal nominated you, for reasons of their own, to be the recipient of that largesse. A nice, warm source of Brownian motion was acquired as a random number generator -- but I got thirsty, drank the tea, and just fished a large die out of my gaming bag instead.

Congratulations go out to panzerwalt and ceruleanst, who each picked up six months of paid time. (panzerwalt's number was the first to come up, which, if you know him and his dice mojo, is utterly unsurprising.) I ended up arbitrarily splitting the third 6-month prize (zaiah contributed much more than I was expecting) into three two-month gifts; so congratulations also go out to nemtetsemnewty, kavik32 and thrames. All y'all enjoy the freebie.

My apologies to the rest of the contestants -- I'll keep you in mind if I end up with some spare cash (or someone else has unused coupons to donate, hint, hint).h

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