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News links of the day

Signs of the times: Today, Massachusetts judges say "no, really, let gays marry." Woot! One more step toward sanity; the way this country pathologizes sex, and (more generally) makes fiat moral judgments based on tendentious interpretations of long-outdated religious documents, just isn't doing anyone any good. Hopefully this is another firm step toward a system of ethics that reacts with empathy (or at least apathy) to harmless, victimless actions.

Also, Ohio has sent a defense of marriage act to the governor. I entirely support this. After all, defending marriage as an institution is a noble goal. It ensures that they'll never have to deal with such slaps in the face to the sacred institution as Britney Spears' spur-of-the-moment union --

*aide rushes in and hands Baxil a sheet of paper*

-- umm ... to another woman. Hypothetically, I mean. Because, um, of course that would cheapen marriage a lot more than what she already did. Because ... uh ... just, y'know, because. It's icky and stuff! So I'm sure married Ohio couples feel a lot safer knowing that they're all defended now.

(37 other states have already rushed to plug that particular, insignificant crack in the marriage wall, including -- shamefully -- my own. So it's a virtual certainty that the debate is only heating up; I wouldn't be surprised if gay rights becomes one of the defining issues of this decade -- and it's certainly going to be a hot-button issue this election season.)

Finally, your gratuitous disturbing image of the day: A baby with two heads. (Worksafe, but not recommended for the easily squicked.)
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