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Research request for San Franciscans

Still working on my writeup of last weekend. (*sigh*) I ended up scrapping what I had and starting over; it was really rather execrable. To lapse into gamer-speak, everyone writes critical failures once in a while.

But! In the meantime, let me post something genuinely original about the San Francisco gay marriage controversy; and make a request of my Bay Area friends and readers.

 [Photo: Gay marriage supporter with weird sign at SF City Hall] When kadyg and I went to San Francisco on Sunday, Feb. 15, I recall seeing this man; his sign, for obvious reasons, is fairly memorable. And now he's showing up again, in the background of a Feb. 20 Associated Press photo by Erin Lubin. The image at left is a detail crop from the AP photo. (N.b.: The image quality is this high because AP sends full-size photos to newspapers, not just the tiny ones you see on news Web sites.)

On Sunday, I didn't think to talk to the man about his display; we were pretty busy. But his reappearance jogged my memory, and so naturally, I turned to the Web, curious to read more details of whatever offbeat theory might be behind his signage.

I Googled xaskutanekol ... and no results.

Surprised, I tried murotunikel. Nothing. Not a single whisper of a hit. ("Bridgepointe" turns up nearly 10,000 probably unrelated pages, including a San Mateo shopping center and several town names. "12 Galaxies" is the name of a San Francisco club, but I'm not sure if that's relevant.)

Alright. Now the suspense is killing me. I want my crackpot theories now, darn it. (And if he's really just holding up a sign advertising local shopping centers and clubs, I'd like to at least know what Xaskutanekol and Murotunikel have to do with it.)

If any of you are in the area, since he appears to be a regular among the in-front-of-City-Hall set, I'd really appreciate it if someone could go talk to him, get the skinny on his sign, and get an unobscured picture of it. If not -- maybe you know someone in the city and could pass word of this on to them.

This is going to drive me nuts otherwise.

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