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Is Mary Cheney next?

Top gay marriage foe's son weds partner in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO - The son of California's most prominent opponent of gay marriage exchanged vows with his longtime boyfriend Tuesday, joining the thousands of same-sex couples who have flocked to City Hall to participate in a rite his father is trying to block in court.

David J. Knight, 42, the son of state Sen. William J. "Pete" Knight, married his partner of 10 years, Joseph J. Lazzaro, 39, during a brief ceremony presided over by a volunteer marriage commissioner. The couple, who live in Baltimore, were accompanied by a friend, but no family members. ...

In a statement released by his Sacramento office Tuesday, Sen. Knight reiterated his view that the marriages that have been performed during the last three weeks are "illegal and unethical," but said he had no comment about his son's actions. ...

The younger Knight said that his father rejected him upon learning he was gay in 1996 and that the two had remained estranged.

I'll leave the low blows about "family values" to others. For now, I'd just like to point out my recent journal entry [this isn't my journal, it's my LJ].

As I wrote, developments like this "put a human face on the injustice and heartache. They make it personal. They make the issue hard to explain away with stinging platitudes." That's why pro-gay marriage forces will, sooner or later, be on the winning side of the issue -- and why they're on the right side of the issue.
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