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Public service announcement

... But before I get to the meat of it, everyone admire the pretty icon. (That is, assuming that I get it to work, which I might not.) Thanks, frameacloud! I figure I'll keep the old one as a default but this is a nice change of pace. ]B=8)

Now. On to the PSA. This one goes out to everyone currently enthralled by the fad of "Googlewhacking."

It contains a spoiler that may well kill the fun of the game for you, so if you're enjoying it, please do NOT read on.

First of all, it's been done. (And even that isn't the first incarnation! "One-Hit Wonder", which peaked in early 2001, was a revival of a yet earlier incarnation here, which I have seen the webpage for, but didn't catch the craze early enough to play.) No, that wasn't the spoiler; that's just me being all whiny and unfairly trivializing a really amusing pastime because -- he says with tongue in cheek -- "that's so two years ago."

No, that's not the spoiler. Chew on this: The scores you guys are playing for are peanuts. Peanuts. Check this thread on Antwon's BBS -- at least some of the matches from the days of One-Hit Wonder are still returning singles, and "javax blowjobs" scored over 1.9 trillion when Twon posted the match to Metafilter. (That page has since been indexed by Google, so now it returns two results). trillion. I.e., several orders of magnitude beyond the best matches people have otherwise been finding. (Even "ellipsoid sluts", posted to the same Metafilter thread, was about a tenth of that.)

Even that isn't the spoiler -- that's just me being jaded because when I was playing OHW back in the day, my top result ever -- "makefile Scientology" -- would have scored (at the time I made it), using the Googlewhack multiplication scoring, 1,530,300,000,000. See Baxil whine. Whine, Baxil, whine.

The spoiler is going through the old One-Hit Wonder pages and finding weird words people used to search on. You can see which ones work to get high scores -- sex and computer terms; sports; science terms; etc -- and then just mix and match to easily get a massive score. It's like trying to play "The Sims" once you've gotten the free money cheat: it just sucks the challenge right out of the game. Sure, you can still dick around for a while, trying to find weird matches like "encephalic subprogram" (103,152,000), but there's no real goal any more.

Of course, you should ignore me; I'm just bitter because I liked the old One-Hit Wonder scoring method. ;p
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