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aaaaaaaaagggh (but a good aaaaaaagh)

Dear gods. The CSS solution I've been seeking for the new Tomorrowlands layout for WEEKS now ... and it even seems to work on every major browser the same way! No more crazy futzing around with multiple style sheets for different browsers (I hope)!

Why don't they document this shit? Anywhere?

For some reason, the best way to get a fixed-width sidebar that doesn't break on at least one common browser (*cough* IE) is to use negative margins and floats. Strangely, positive margins break things in some browsers but negative margins don't!

Why? Negative margins allow overlap into that element's space. And I'm damned if I know why that solves the problem, but it seems to, and hopefully I can fix all my style woes this way, since horizontal positioning and margins are pretty much the only major issues I've got.

I ... just ... can't ... believe ... it's ... that ... simple. But I bloody well hope it is. It's been three weeks since the launch and my site still looks badly broken in half the browsers I test it in.

Props to the cssDiscuss wiki, the most awesome CSS reference ever. I spent an hour today RTFMing and the wiki still helped me more, and more quickly.
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