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Back from BayCon. Finally, just now, after about five straight hours of reading, caught up on LJ (or at least my minimal daily reads). Had no time whatsoever for netstuff at con. Still working on catching up on sleep, despite getting nearly eight hours last night.

Newsletter came out well, but was far more work this year than I expected. Erg. And so naturally I get less than a 12-hour turnaround before heading into a full workweek with a one-day weekend ahead.

... I don't really want to write any more about the con, because I'm deep in the middle of con crash and feeling like I didn't get to do the things I was looking forward to. Intellectually I know that there was fun involved and that this'll pass ... just, right now, I also know that my mood is going to color my writing, and the con writeup doesn't deserve that. It was fun, I promise, just ... blah.

So ... um. If you went to BayCon and managed to see me there in the few moments I crept out from the Jackal Cave, post something nifty about the con here, or something nifty about seeing me again, or something about how lucid I managed to sound despite running on momentum most of the weekend, or something I would be writing if I weren't so down. Name-drop yourself as necessary.

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