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(For the record, currently not posting to tlands_dot_org because PERL broke on the server and Movable Type refuses to run. This has now been fixed, though.)

Okay, so Ronald Reagan's dead. He's a former president, and I understand a much-beloved one. Lowering American flags to half-staff is right, honorable, and appropriate. But:
President Bush ordered flags flown at half-staff on federal buildings for 30 days starting Sunday ...
... what the fuck?

I mean, seriously. What the fuck? Even the September 11 victims only got five days, extended to 11. I know conservatives like to lionize Reagan as the grand hero of all time, but thirty days? That's ridiculous.

EDIT: Remark retracted. The 30-day period for former presidents is in the Flag Code. It still seems excessive to me, for any president, but at least this isn't some sort of appalling partisan "let's mourn forever for the bestest man ever to die" thing.
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