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Screw me ...

Just typed out a longish post. Hit "preview" then saved it. I quickly discovered that the preview screen inexplicably cancelled out my settings (it was meant to be friends-only in a community, not public in my journal!) so I locked it down. I copied the text to a BBEdit window, clicked the delete button in LJ, edited the BBEdit window's version, and got ready to repost it with the proper settings (no preview this time) --

And the computer hard-crashed.

I tried to reboot it and it said it didn't recognize the operating system. I rebooted again and it ground the hard drive for twenty minutes before nearly reaching the Finder and saying it ran out of memory. I power-cycled it and won't be touching it until tomorrow. Just in case.

... Even if I could get the computer to work (typing from the laptop with the dodgy power supply now), I didn't save that file. And of course LJ doesn't save deleted entries ...

Three hours of work up in smoke and a possibly expired computer. (The way that hard drive sounded, that may be what's dead. In which case, a few years' worth of work possibly inaccessible.)

And up until half an hour ago it had been such a nice weekend, too. :(

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